Striving For Excellence Not Perfection

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Perfection and excellence are two concepts which are often mistaken for one another. Although they seem to be closely related, the two are very far from each other. Understanding the difference between the two will help you to better your goals and redefine your self expectations.

Aiming for perfection is a near impossible goal. As fantastic as it may sound, perfection is stagnant. It is complete, finished, with no place to go. It is an idealistic approach. The struggle for perfection has certain implications on the way we think. It makes us set up goals for ourselves that we already consider difficult. We tend to become obsessive and controlling, not necessarily in a good way. Constant focus on trivial details for no apparent reason can leave you feeling drained and discouraged.

Excellence on the other hand is quite different from the concept of perfection. Excellence evolves with time. It changes and grows. It requires you to constantly strive to do the best that you possibly can by making sure that the end goal that is not difficult or unachievable. In fact, it is perfectly within your grasp. Think about it. Which would you prefer to constantly struggle or to do what you do to the best of your ability and thereby achieve excellence?

Excellence allows you to be wrong. It gives you the ability to take risks accept the results for what they are. It is important to give yourself room to be wrong, and to make mistakes every now and then.

Are you doing everything you can to achieve excellence? Strive to work with the best of your capabilities. Make sure you know the jargon of the industry you are transcribing for. Dont misspell words. If there is a word that you are not familiar with or are unsure of the spelling, make a note of it and double check it later. Concentrate on punctuation which may go by unnoticed in conversation but makes a substantial difference when written. You need to know that language that you are working with inside out, grammar and all. Most importantly, know what your client wants and cater to it. Many clients have specific requirements, dont ignore them.

By taking note of these and other such small details in your work you can go from average to excellent. To steer clear of the perfection obsession, allow yourself room for errors. The biggest burden of this trap is guilt and self berating that comes after something doesnt happen the way you planned it to. Excellence takes note of the fact that you dont have control over everything and sometimes things simply dont go your way. It allows you to reward yourself for accomplishing your goals. A goal is not something that comes once at the end of the journey. There are several smaller goals and route to success. Reward yourself on reaching a predefined goal.

Give your career some breathing room by choosing excellence over perfection. Nobodys perfect, so why struggle to be nobody, right?
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Striving For Excellence Not Perfection

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This article was published on 2011/01/21